"Emergency Response Hotline" (24hrs/7 Days a Week)

Muskogee Office (918) 683-2936    

 Tulsa Office(918) 583-2021          

    Fax (918) 683-6001  



Bill Inhofe, President  

"Emergency Response" 
(24 hrs / 7 Days a Week)


Sooner Emergency Services Inc. will be happy to provide services for:

Cargo Removal and Storage
Haz-Mat Response 
Vacuum of Solids & Liquids 
Disposal  Services 
Certified Removal and Storage Services
Refrigerated Cargo Services 
Roll off Boxes 
Traffic Control and Security 
Containment Booms and Absorbents

Truck, Train, Barge, Aircraft
Transportation Incidents
Hazard Chemicals
Chemical Transfers
Natural Disasters
Biological Incidents

​Chemical Spills
Facility Fires & Explosions
Fuel & Oil Spills (Land or Water)
Retention Pond Dredging 
Soil Remediation

Tank Removal
Vacuum Truck Services
Sampling & Analytical Services
Containment Booms for Navigational Waterways
Transportation & Disposal
Water & Soil Treatment
Waste Management

Emergency Response Training
Remediation Work
Cargo Recovery
Buy Damaged Cargo 

Sooner Emergency Services  Inc.. has been in business 1978. Since then, we have responded to more than 2000 Emergency and Haz-Mat incidents. We have earned the reputation of being the "forerunner" in emergency and hazardous materials response. Sooner Emergency Service  Inc.  has the necessary equipment to complete hazardous tasks, without waiting for subcontracted equipment or personnel. Sooner Emergency is committed to the protection of the environment, as well as limiting the liability of our client from start to finish. 

At Sooner Emergency Services  Inc. we understand that  your image is on the line.  We use only the highest quality, most technically advanced equipment available today.  Our environmental division provides experienced consultants and personnel for site audits and site assessments including; buildings, structures, underground storage tanks, soils, and ground water. 

Employees of Sooner Emergency Services Inc. are trained professionals, for monitoring and sample collection, to provide accurate data. We work and operate in compliance with all regulatory requirements of OSHA, CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, SARA TITLE III, and Clean Water Act. 

Sooner Emergency Services Inc. and employees are covered by Workman Comp. Ins., Liability Ins.