Bill Inhofe, President  

"Emergency Response Hotline" (24hrs/7 Days a Week)

Muskogee Office (918) 683-2936    

 Tulsa Office(918) 583-2021          

    Fax (918) 683-6001 

Sooner Emergency Service Inc., provides your company with the most professional services available to take care of your emergency and environmental needs. Sooner Emergency Service Inc.has been providing Hazardous Material, Environmental Remediation, and Emergency Response services since 1978. Our HAZ-MAT response team is lead by Registered Environmental Managers, all of the team members are experienced and trained in accordance with OSHA. Sooner Emergency Service Inc. personnel have extensive training and experience in hazardous material mitigation, remediation and providing emergency services. Sooner Emergency Service Inc. keeps safety paramount and maintains communication with our clients and regulatory agencies to assure the safe, proper, and successful completion of all projects.

Sooner Emergency Service Inc.,  has responded to more than  2000 Emergency and HAZ-MAT incidents.  

"Emergency Response" 
(24 hrs / 7 Days a Week)